Bike Ride Through Hermann Park! #AuraSelfCareSunday

Hey AuraFam! Welcome to my FIRST blog post!!!

Originally, I was going to do an introduction as my first blog post but it's really sitting on my heart to talk about the importance of self care. Over the past two weeks, I've learned HOW IMPORTANT self care really is. If it is forgotten about, you body will eventually catch up and remind you, at least that's what my body did.

Roughly two weeks ago, I was beyond stressed! Candles and the business behind them were not my stressors...let's just say I had non-family related external stressor that were bothering me a lot more than I realized. I was in a position of feeling that, even though everything was going well, I still couldn't do anything right (according to the accusers). I felt defeated and deflated. I went into fight or flight mode. I felt isolated and alone. Worst of all, I was hurt...but felt that I couldn't relay that to the appropriate parties. I began breaking out in stress hives on my face, back, and chest. I spoke with a good friend and we talked extensively about the unhealthy grind culture in America and finding ways to cope when you cannot afford to quit...and so my true self care journey began!

At the recommendation of my friend, I downloaded the Calm app, to aid me in learning how to self-regulate. My first few sessions were terrible. I couldn't turn my brain off...I still can't turn my brain off but I'm getting better at intentionally focusing and being present in the moment. I also knew that I needed to go outside and have more relaxing and enjoyable fresh air time so I went on a much needed bike ride with my sister.

The bike ride was beautiful! We rode through Hermann Park (it was my first time exploring the park) and stopped to take some pictures and reel footage. We admired the ducks and their babies, we saw families enjoying the beautiful hot weather as well as couples taking what seemed to be anniversary photos. If you'd like to see the footage, check out my stories and reels on Insta! I really felt it was important to show you that there is truly more to life then working & money. Don't get me wrong, money is necessary but it is no more than a tool. What can you fix with problems...nothing more nothing less! I am very excited to go on another bike ride soon and one day, I will purchase a bike so I can ride everywhere!

Happy Monday AuraFam and remember to recharge yourself as much as you charge your phone!

With Love,


Aura of Opulence's CEO poses with a bike in Hermann Park, Houston, TX

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